Pallet Flow

The Pallet Flow is ideal for maximizing warehouse space in operations that requires stock control for date sensitive goods with a FIFO (first in first out) system. Compared to the conventional single selective rack layout, Pallet Flow customers have significantly improved their warehouse space while reducing forklift truck handling and travel.

Features & Benefits

  • Increased Weight Capacity
  • Handles multiple pallet sizes
  • First In First Out
  • First In Last Out
  • Designed for Seismic Zones
  • Complies with ISO-9001
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System Information

Pallet Flow allows operations to utilize First In First Out up to 20 pallets deep.  Hannibal Industries Pallet Flow also offers the opportunity for First In Last Out.

Hannibal Industries Pallet Flow is used throughout the United States in a variety of applications; manufacturing, food processing, cold storage, and the beverage industry.

Principle of Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow has two defining application types; First In First Out and First In Last Out.  In a First In First Out system a pallet of product is placed in the backside of the system and the pallet moves down through the flow racking.  Once the pallet makes it to the end of the lane the pallet is removed from the racking.  They type of racking is great for food processing, manufacturing and products that are moved through a date stamp or a batch.  The second type of Pallet Flow system is for the First In Last Out.  This type of system is usually applied to applications that need extra capacity above bulk stacked products.  In this situation Pallet Flow creates new pick faces increasing the SKU pallet positions.

What are the benefits of Pallet Flow?

  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • Multiple Pallet Sizes
  • Cold Storage

Increased Storage Capacity

Pallet Flow is a high capacity option that offers First In First Out.

Benefit #1 – Minimal moving parts!
Pallet Flow rack offers the highest storage capacity for FIFO without the use of automation.  20 pallets deep offers manufacturers decreased forklift travel.

Benefit #2 – Increase your manufacturing by reducing your storage footprint!
Whether you’re manufacturing food and beverages or manufacturing equipment your floor space is valuable.  An easy way to increase your manufacturing floor without moving walls is to store your product in a high capacity first in first out storage medium.  Increase your utilization by 75% by retrofitting your drive-in racking.

Benefit #3 – Buy less to store more in your cold storage warehouse!
Warehouse cold storage square footage is very expensive.  Other storage mediums have high capacities, like drive-in racking, but low utilization.  The standard utilization for drive in racking is 40%; Pallet Flow gives users the opportunity to increase the utilization to 80%.  This can quickly increase your pallet storage in a 1000 pallet position system to 800 pallets rather than 400 on average.

Multiple Pallet Sizes

Full Roller Pallet Flow gives operations the opportunity to use multiple pallet sizes in the same lane.

Benefit #1 – All pallet sizes are welcome!
Pallet Flow has two types of design; standard and full roller.  Full roller can hold higher capacities and has fewer wearable parts.  This has been a life saver for many beverage distributing companies, beer distributors use multiple size pallets, and the full pallet roller allows every other pallet to be a different size if needed.

Energy Reduction

Warehouse freezers and coolers are difficult and expensive to maintain their needed temperature.  Pallet Flow greatly reduces the variance in temperature and quickly reduces the energy costs.

Benefit #1 – Maintain a constant temperature!
Many foods are affected by temperature variance, which can cause freezer burn, spoilage and unwanted changes in flavor and color.  One way to reduce temperature variances is to increase total cube utilization.  Warehouse cold storage aisles and the space above are what cause most temperature variances.  Hannibal’s Pallet Flow system fills the warehouse voids with pallet racking allowing cold storage facilities to utilize the entire warehouse thus eliminating temperature variances.

Benefit #2 – Density saves electricity!
One frozen item will keep another very cold.  Six frozen items surrounding another will keep it frozen.  Due to the density of the GlideRack system, electrical savings in freezers create an ROI or payback very quickly.  If a cold storage warehouse currently uses standard single selective racking it is only utilizing 30% to 40% of possible space.  If the same facility used Pallet Flow it will utilize 70% to 90% of its freezer.  Pallet Flow creates both, great savings in square footage and energy.

Pallet Flow Application Guide

The Hannibal Industries Pallet Flow system is very versatile and many industries worldwide have applied this solution with great success.

Food and Beverage Processing/manufacturing

Full pallet roller allows food to be manufacturing on one side facility and pallets are then placed in the back of the system.  The pallets move through the rack and are removed on the outbound side by forklifts.

Cold Storage and Controlled Environment Warehouses

Hannibal Industries Pallet Flow system has lowered the operating cost for Cold Storage applications around the world.  Cold storage customers find that they can store more in their freezers and yet their energy bills are lower.  This density reduces temperature variances increasing the quality of their food.

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